What or who is a pastor?

In my wanderings and readings I was recently challenged by Ernest Goodman @ Missions Misunderstood, as he struggled with what or who is a pastor. Specifically in light of the big name pastors/preachers/teachers/speakers/authors we listen to through conferences, podcasts, webinars, dvds and books.

Here is his understanding of a pastor, what do you think?

A pastor knows you well enough to preach the gospel into your community of faith. He holds you accountable for your missteps and encourages you through the rough patches. As described in 2 Timothy 4, a pastor is more than just a presenter of gospel teaching, he’s a shepherd who supervises your spiritual formation. The conference stage, book, (and, in many cases, the megachurch pulpit) serve as two-way mirrors; allowing us to be taught without being seen, to be preached to without being cared for.

We need thinkers, teachers, authors, and speakers. On the corporate level, leaders like Ed Stetzer are the people who drive the conversation and inspire with new ideas. They teach, equip, and challenge us publicly. They speak on our behalf. But believers need more than just sound instruction. Every Christian everywhere needs a pastor who knows them and speaks into their lives personally.

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One thought on “What or who is a pastor?

  1. I think that’s a good start, but a pastor is more. We definitely need someone who can speak into our lives, but without more, the person would be a valuable spiritual mentor. Pastors also look at the life of the Body of Christ as a whole, cast vision, challenge us corporately, and lead us as disciples of Christ both in the church and beyond the walls.